In terms of sport, there has been no getting around Bayern for ten years, and the Munich jerseys are no bargain either, but Borussia Mönchengladbach has gone one better and is now charging the fans 157 euros for a jersey with flocking.

Who would have thought: The Bundesliga has a new champion – when it comes to jersey prices! The new home kit from Borussia Mönchengladbach is therefore even more expensive than that of record champions FC Bayern. According to “Bild”, the new home jersey for the foals costs a total of 156.90 euros with flocking.

Player name costs: In the basic version alone, Gladbach’s new jersey costs 139.95 euros – just like Bayern’s. But: As soon as the flocking with a player’s name is added, the Foal jersey is two euros more expensive than that of the record champions – and all other Bundesliga clubs. The clothing bears the name “Home Authentic” and should be of particularly high quality.

High quality: Managing Director Markus Aretz (55) explains the high price: “The authentic jersey has a more complex and expensive manufacturing method, which makes it lighter and more breathable. However, we still wanted to give our fans the opportunity to purchase this jersey as well – and it has been well received so far.”

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