not enough Time to hats: The canadian 10-Dollar bill with the civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond was named as the most beautiful banknote in the world. This has been announced by the International banknote society IBNS. Canada based extruded the new Swiss 200-franc Note on the second place. Rank three: the Norwegian 500-kroner Note.

The canadian victory comes as a surprise. In the past few years have always cleared back to Swiss notes. In 2017, it was the new ten note. In 2016, the Swiss national Bank SNB had made with the fifty stars, all the others in the shade.

150 new banknotes

According to the International Bank note society in 2018 and a proud 150 new Bank issued notes. However, only 15 were allowed to participate in the competition. The reason is that The rest of the jurors to their predecessors-Appear to be similar. (pbe)