The Baby is here! GLP-group boss, Tiana Angelina Moser (40, ZH), and SP-national councillor Matthias Aebischer (51,) are on 3. May the parents of a girl.

“Our child Lotta Sophia means,” says Aebischer to LOOK. “It’s all gone well. Mother and child are doing well. We are all very happy.”

During the Bernese at the three-day special session, is excused from Zurich – she is on maternity leave. “Auguri!”: Council President Marina Carobbio Guscetti (SP, TI, 52) is congratulated in the national Council hall to the offspring, what are the colleagues with applause answered.

blended family with seven children

Moser and Aebischer are already for over three years, a Couple of. And both have three children from previous relationships. Three sons, three daughters. Aebischer lives in a row house in the Bernese are only four quarters, Moser in Zurich. In the case of the Patchwork family is now in demand, so a talent for organization.

in addition to the baby wrap is the political dream couple, also, a strenuous election campaign. Aebischer stood again as a national councillor, Moser in Zurich in addition, as a councillor candidate.