Moscow was among the most affordable for millionaires cities

the Capital of Russia was among the cities with the lowest prices for goods and services class “Lux”, said the Swiss Bank Julius Baer.

In its first report, Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report, the Bank analyzed the availability of 28 world cities for luxury consumers.

Julius Baer analyzed the prices for some categories of goods and services — from residential property, and hours before the services of a lawyer and personal trainer. It turned out that three of the most expensive cities in the world are in Asia, where a growing number of consumers with high net worth assets will transform the market of luxury goods and services. Moscow took the 23rd place in the overall ranking.

In Moscow, there is a good balance between price and quality for most items in the index, the report noted.

the Value of residential property at a good level, despite notable growth in the primary market in 2019, partly due to the repatriation of capital with the London real estate market, signed Julius Baer.

Prices for pianos by Steinway & Sons and the cost of laser vision correction in Moscow was lower than in other Metropolitan areas in the ranking.

in addition, Moscow along with Istanbul and Dubai were among the cities with the lowest cost of flying business class. In the Russian capital also has some of the lowest prices on cosmetic services.

At the same time to enjoy a classic French red wine lovers pay the most in Rio de Janeiro, Mexico city and Moscow. The highest prices for jewelry recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Manila and Moscow.

the Russian luxury market is estimated at 5.4 billion USD.

the Most expensive cities in the world, estimated at Julius Baer, are Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, the most accessible — Mumbai, Johannesburg and Frankfurt.