Moscow tightens against coronavirus

In Moscow two days later it will close all retail stores except food. Suspend restaurants, cafes, canteens. The exception will make only for restaurants that cater to businesses and deliver ready meals. This was announced by mayor Sergei Sobyanin at his official website.

even Temporarily closes city parks VDNKH, Tsaritsyno, Kolomenskoye, “charge”, Sokolniki, Kuskovo, Gorky Park. Stop working hairdressing and beauty salons. Such measures are introduced in order to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. Moreover, all banks, shipping companies, pharmacies, social structure, and company housing will continue to work.

to reduce the movement of people in the city, reduced travel now blocked not only students, but also students and pensioners. All Muscovites over age 65 and people with chronic diseases are strictly recommended to stay home, and not leaving unless absolutely necessary.

In the streets today there were volunteers with megaphones that tell you how you can get help in the delivery of food and medicine at home. To do this, the city has a special hotline onf: 8-800-200-34-11. The mayor emphasized that for those in quarantine will be strictly monitored.

“We get from the border all the data on border crossing. As for Muscovites, we begin to more closely work with these data in order to obtain their mobile phone numbers, their home addresses, pictures in order to see through the system of videoresponse individuals how they observe mode. Up to their machines. Sometimes you have to send some gifted citizens that they are on the phone tell that they are sitting at home, and we see that they drive the car every day to work and back. That is, the tracking system in town, the control system is sufficiently advanced — I think one of the most advanced in the world” — said Sergey Sobyanin.

next week the state Duma intends to consider amendments to the law on toughening of measures for violation of the quarantine. Sergei Sobyanin stressed that the non-working week — not a holiday and not a vacation but a necessary measure for safety that must be approached responsibly and stay home.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”