In the period of the pandemic COVID-19 the organizers of the cycle city of festivals “Moscow seasons” has created an online project “”Moscow seasons” home”. From 9 April on social networks spent more than 80 creative and culinary master-classes, 34 videotehniki, more than 30 live broadcasts, six trips and six contests and prizes. Also published 13 issues of the project literary readings “Moscow on the pages of books.” Just passed 170 online events.

For members of the “Seasons” were the participants of the festival “Moscow spring a cappella” group “Patago” and Onair, the members of the creative Association “city Hall”, the writer Oleg Roy, the magician Yang Menchikov, ballerina Darya Lyakisheva, and many others.

video tutorials On culinary chefs, pastry chefs, authors of cookbooks and hosts programmes about gastronomy told and showed. Especially popular were recipes sweets: ice cream, cakes and mousses.

In the master classes of employees “Soyuzmultfilm” everyone could learn to draw the characters of the animation and create their own characters. You could try your hand at gardening and learn to grow flowers and herbs right on the balcony, make decorations for the house, to participate in classes in singing and diction, improving your photographic skills and master other skills.

he paid Special attention to one habit for each day of the month. Exercises for home workouts demonstrated fitness bloggers, trainers, yoga and Boxing, Rugby players.

part of the program was dedicated to.

Director Sergei Katuh created the mini-series “the Story of a poem”. Each series consisted of the recitation and discussion of the works of poets of the Silver age.

the project involved actors and TV presenters. They read excerpts of works in which capital has become the main scene or the main character, traveled together with the students through the ancient streets and squares.

to Take a trip without leaving home were they were held by the specialists of the center “Aerospace and aviation” at the exhibition center, the Museum of contemporary history of Russia, the Moscow planetarium and the project “Walking in Moscow”.

in addition, members participated — were awarded certificates for training drawing and animation and air walk over the Moscow river on a cable car to the Sparrow hills.

In July, “”Moscow seasons” house,” present a new program. Among the Prime Minister this week, a series of interviews with well-known bloggers and mini-lectures on etiquette and netiketa (rules of conduct online).