Moscow schoolgirl has helped the police to catch pedophile

As it became known “MK”, about 15.00 classmates (they are 11 years old) came home after school. His way became blocked by a man. It happened near a shopping center and Bohr highway. The stranger – and it was 51-the summer native of the Saratov region Yury suggested Schoolgirls kissing in an intimate place.

11-year-old girl was not taken aback, scored 112 and told the operator about the situation. Half an hour later the pedophile was busted employees patrulno-sentry duty – he’d come around. Most likely, intimate offer minors he did under the influence of alcohol. In the evening a statement to the police said the girl’s mother. Investigators opened a criminal case under article 132 of the criminal code “Violent acts of sexual character”.

the Detainee in his native village from a young age was a bad bill, was considered the first alcoholic, often in this state, lying under a Bush. 20 years ago he was convicted for theft – has climbed into the house and stole a tape recorder and a bottle of wine. Interest in young earlier for him not to notice. His family he was not, and in the Moscow region invited his sister Natalia, who works in office.

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