Students from Moscow was awarded at the Baltic Olympiad on physics. Sophomore Daniel Samodelkin from the Metropolitan school № 2007 won the gold medal, the ninth-grader Daniel Rinkevich from school № 1589 — silver. The competition took place from may 16 to may 19 in the online mode.

In the Baltic Olympiad this year attended by 109 students from 12 countries. The Russian team participated in the competition in order to prepare potential candidates for the national team that will participate in the International physics Olympiad. In addition to Muscovites, our team was represented by Denis Rubtsov from the Republic of Komi, Yang Shneidman from Kazan, Matthew Knyazev and Olga Chernousova from the Perm region. Just on account of the Russians two gold and four silver medals.

the Baltic Olympiad in physics held annually from 2016. However, the idea of its occurrence appeared in 1992. According to the rules, today every country is represented by up to 20 participants under the age of 20 years. Also to the competition allow visiting teams. Detailed information about the Olympiad is available on the official website of the project.