In the first half of 2020 capital customers made for 44 of the Federal law 178,6 thousand contracts. Their total amount made 459,3 billion. The size of savings of customers made up more than 20 billion rubles. This was reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

the Leading sectors in terms of procurement of steel construction and repair, supply of baby food, medicines and medical supplies.

With the growth of user activity on the portal providers introduced value-added services that simplify the procurement process and make it more transparent.

According to him, this allows you to quickly obtain relevant public information, in particular from the base of the Federal tax service or the Unified state register of legal entities For procurement of small volume use templates of electronic contracts available AutoFill documents, and other services.

the head of the Moscow Department for competition policy Ivan Shcherbakov noted that in the vendor portal, significantly increased performance in the field of procurement of small volume, up to 600 thousand rubles. For the first half of 2020 made more than 132 thousand contracts amounting to almost 14 billion rubles.

From April 1 this year, came into force changes in Federal law 44-FZ, which made the participation in procurement more accessible to small businesses. Now customers are on contracts which is not provided for an advance may not require the provider Bank guarantees or cash funds. Customers are also allowed to change the price and terms of the contract without requiring the performers to sanctions penalties. In addition, from 1 July 2020 in contract law has introduced changes aimed at reducing the financial burden for the participants of the procurement.

the vendor Portal was created in 2013 to automate the procedures of procurement of small volume. Now with the Internet resource work for more than 180 thousand suppliers. Every day on the portal is more than a thousand contracts, and for goods, works and services contains more than 650 thousand titles.

half a million of products and services: how does the electronic catalog of the vendor portal