New corona-rules in Moscow shall come into force on Monday morning at the same time that the government closes the borders.

the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobjanin, provides all of the city’s citizens in order to from Monday morning to keep within doors.

It comes after the number of people infected with coronavirus has increased in Moscow.

The new restrictions will come to apply to all, regardless of age, says the mayor.

the City’s citizens will only be allowed to leave their home, if they need acute medical care, have a job that is of major samfundsnytte or need to buy food and medicine.

It has until now only been citizens over 65 years of age, who have been told to keep within doors.

The new rules for Moscow to enter into force at the same time that the government closes the country’s borders in an attempt to keep the infection out.

That was on Sunday registered 1534 infected by the coronavirus in Russia, and eight reported dead.