Classes in the framework of the project “Moscow longevity” back in the city’s parks. About this reported the official website of the Moscow mayor on Thursday, 6 August.

This week in parks and recreation areas resumed training on Nordic walking, gymnastics, tennis, dance and yoga. Also older citizens can already attend classes in drawing, singing and learning foreign languages in the fresh air.

Many project participants found the advantages of distance learning, therefore, will also be taken online classes. Citizens older can engage in circles “Moscow longevity” even in the country.

— We conducted the study, interviewed all of our participants and dispelled the myth that seniors don’t use gadgets, modern means of communication. 70 percent of participants “the Moscow longevity” several times a day, use the Internet, — said the Deputy head of the Department of labour and social protection of the population Vladimir Filippov.

Most students select online classes in gymnastics, Pilates, dance or foreign languages.

Wish to return to the offline classes also proved to be quite — in the early days of training attracted more than 16 thousand citizens.

— We encourage everyone to sign up, don’t be shy, come to the project “Moscow longevity.” But please keep precautions. Each teacher is instructed on the need to maintain social distance and security measures, — said Filippov.

Earlier it was reported that 211 organizations — suppliers of the project was opened for the participants of the 759 groups, in which more than 26 thousand seats for those who wish to resume active sessions in different directions.