Moscow innovation cluster has launched a service for search of partners on the platform Artificial intelligence allows you to identify potential partners on the basis of contextual (semantic) meanings of search queries. This was reported by Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

According to her, the Moscow innovation cluster was signed by more than 2500 organizations — startups, corporations, industrial enterprises, educational and research institutions. They have over 200 support measures and a set of useful digital tools and services, including the search for new partners, customers and investors. For example, large companies interested in carrying out research, search will help you choose a research organization, and small and medium enterprises — suitable partners on matters of interest.

In the section “support Measures” available to users of Navigator through which is formed the list of relevant results. For this you need to answer three simple questions. In the future, on the platform of the Moscow innovation cluster will be able to receive notifications about the changes in this section. Also in the personal office of the participant in the interactive calendar will show the start and end dates of acceptance of applications for support.

Help in lending in the capital adopted the third package of measures to support biznesservis Sobyanin: may 12, industrial and construction companies of the capital can resume work.

Moscow innovation cluster is a unique project for innovation and development cooperation between large corporations, enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses, educational and scientific organizations, development institutions and the city. The cluster oversees the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development.

Among the participants of the Fund “SKOLKOVO” research center “Kurchatov Institute”, the Corporation “RUSNANO”, Technopark “Strogino” and “Glory”, small and medium enterprises and research centers of leading universities of the capital.