In the capital during the day, cured from coronavirus infection, said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

can be Recovered plasma donors if they are between 18 and 55 years old and have no chronic diseases, HIV, hepatitis b and C. to Specify the information on donation available daily from 09:00 to 19:00 on the hotline: +7 (495) 870-45-16. In addition, ill COVID-19 can become social volunteers and help people who are treated for the infection at home. You just need to contact the same hotline.

Now everybody is able to be tested for the presence of antibodies to COVID-19. This can be done by appointment in 30 clinics. The results will be available in the electronic medical record.

How to donate plasma for combat COVID-19. The doctor’s advice and experience doorbell test for the possibility of becoming a donor started in Moscow

to Learn more about the prevention of coronavirus and methods of struggle with them by calling the hotline at: +7 (495) 870-45-09, as well as in special projects