Official Kiev at the highest level should confirm or to refute the words of its representative in the contact group Alexei Reznikov on the need to revise the Minsk agreements, or it will mean the refusal of Ukraine of all agreements and negotiations on the Donbass. This was stated on Friday by the assistant head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak, commenting on the statements of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation in the contact group Alexey Reznikov.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine called "Minsk" irrelevant

"We never cease to be amazed when you consistently hear from our Ukrainian counterparts with the official status of various kinds of public judgments that contradict each other or subsequently refuted, he said at a meeting with journalists. – Although in our, and in the world in the common sense of any public statements of Deputy Prime Minister, Minister, other officials, this is the official position of the state".

"If in the near future this statement will be confirmed or not denied now by the Prime Minister or President of Ukraine, what it really means Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Minsk agreements, and therefore from Minsk and "Norman" the formats of negotiations on settling the conflict in the Donbass, – he said at a meeting with journalists. – It also means that the Ukrainian President will have to disavow his signature six months ago under the final communiqué of the Paris summit of 9 December 2019", – said Dmitry Kozak.


Help to Donbass

Russia in case of Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Minsk agreements will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the Donbass, said Kozak.

"We will continue to provide all possible humanitarian support to the residents of Donbas to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe that would be inevitable after the introduction of full economic blockade from Ukraine" – he told, answering a question about Moscow’s actions in the case of Kiev from the Minsk process.

Thursday Reznikov said that the Minsk agreement "today is not correspond to the realities in which Ukraine was, when was the agreement as a political and legal agreement".

"Because today is the time stipulated in the Minsk agreement – 2014-2015 – has expired, and implement the Minsk agreement," he said in the TV channel "Ukraine 24".