Moscow confectioner gave the doctors a few hundred kilos of sweets

the Moscow confectionery factory “Red October”, “Rot Front” confectionery concern “Babaevsky” was supported by doctors and medical volunteers in the fight against coronavirus infection, sending hundreds of pounds of confectionery products. In parcels of chocolate Alenka, Babaevskiy, bars “rot Front” and many more different sweets.

Among the first sweets were prepared in the Institute of emergency care. N. In. Sklifosovsky clinical hospital №15, City clinical hospital No. 31 and the volunteer doctors.

“We are sure that the familiar childhood taste of our chocolates will delight and support our heroic healthcare workers, will create an atmosphere of warmth and care”, – told correspondent “RG” the press service of the holding “United confectioners”.

Health workers and medical students were at the forefront in the fight against dangerous virus, many of them working around the clock. High load, long work shifts, affect the physical and emotional condition of each person. In these difficult conditions, as in combat, chocolate and candy quickly saturate the body with energy, support its defenses and uplifting. Today, as in the period of the great Patriotic war, the factory continued to operate only in the mode of increased sanitation. Then, in 1940-ies, chocolate was regularly sent to the front, he was part of the diet of pilots, intelligence officers and submariners.

“Today, sending a package of humanitarian doctors, employees of the Moscow confectionery factories asked to convey words of gratitude, support and deep respect for our physicians and volunteers-doctors,” said the company.