Yet it is still unclear whether human error or shortcomings of the aircraft disaster at the airport Moscow-Sheremetyevo, with 41 deaths, according to the Russian news Agency “Interfax” writes. But the Drama extended the pleasant history of the super jets from Sukhoi civil aircraft to another dark Chapter.

it was originally Planned that the project Superjet Russia should heave in civil aviation on the world map. For decades Sukhoi had built for the USSR, especially fighter planes and bombers. Today Sukhoi civil aircraft to the aerospace consortium United Aircraft Corporation, which belongs to the majority in the Russian state belongs to.

In the year 2000 after the country had what do you mean from the ruins of the Soviet Union to some extent, began planning for the first civil Aviator. In 2008, when Russia makes it back to his Big ambitions, remembered, took place the first flight. From the design point of view, the Superjet is similar to, for example, the popular models of the Embraer E190, for example, Helvetic, or the Airbus A220 the Swiss, formerly under the name of Bombardier C-Series.

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But unlike the competition, the Superjet has never been the darling of the Airlines: Total ordered so far, only about 400, 130 have been delivered to date. For comparison: the Embraer E190 over 10 Times as many in the air.

The above-average frequent incidents have not helped to eliminate the skepticism on the Jet, even if in no error, the machine carried the debt: in 2012, a Superjet in Indonesia, flew a demonstration flight in a mountain. All 45 occupants were killed. 2013 Superjet laid in Iceland, a crash landing, the Pilot was not injured. And only in the autumn of last year, the machine skidded in the Russian Yakutsk so crazy about the runway, although no one was seriously injured, the Superjet but suffered a total loss.

Zurich-based company has a Superjet

most of The Superjet orders come from the former Soviet Union – 150 alone from the Russian Aeroflot. 50 of them have already been delivered; one of them is the accident-Superjet was yesterday. But also, the Mexican low-cost airline Interjet flies off with about two dozen.

And also from Switzerland, has received Sukhoi already two orders: they come from Comlux, a Zurich-based company for business aviation. One of the super jets has been delivered and is operated by a Kazakh subsidiary of Comlux. So far, Comlux has not responded to a request for an opinion.