the project aims to collect the main digital archive of letters from the war and keep it off forever. May 9, 2020 it is planned to place on the website over one million letters. Now published nearly 500 thousand. 60 organizations – museums and archives – have actively joined in the work. Collected, transcribed, and sent letters to the editor of the project. Responded not only by Russian organizations, but also agencies from Belarus.

the Russian TV channel will tell about the victory over fascism in Europe

the creators of the project wanted not only to preserve valuable historical documents, but to convey the feelings of the people who passed this terrible war, to tell stories about love, the support of friends, awakening the desire to live.

During the war, letters were sent without envelopes. They were checked by the military censor, wrote on any random piece of paper to keep in touch with loved ones. Each train with men or ammunition necessarily drove the mail wagon. To digitize these relics is truly important.

Elena Siluyanova, head of the project “Letters of Victory” – told “RG” the letters read more:

Photo: Mr Pasyakin/WG In the cities of the Crimea launched the “Garden of memory”

“a Woman wrote to us at the address listed on the site and told how her parents met through correspondence. Her father being in the war, decided to send letters to women by enterprises, and then to choose a “addressee for correspondence”. Chose, never saw each other only corresponded two years. 500 letters have been preserved, they forwarded the letter back together with what came before, so saved everything. Was found after the war and actually got married! There is also one letter of a soldier – he described his wife as they met in 1944. The table was constructed from suitcases, 200 grams of vodka in glasses, shooting guns instead salute. But in this letter, emotions on the rise, there is an offensive movement, the war turned against the invaders. And letters of 1941 – other. Letter from the battle near Belgorod was transferred from the local Museum. It’s the fighter who tries to cheer up wife, says that we will defeat the enemy. But advises her to make children, because life is short. Come back, says, I will take as my own. The letter is enclosed a pressed flower – like exclamation point at the end of sentences. Makes you wonder what love is not about possessiveness. In the letters except heavy words about the enemy, about death, about the fight – a lot about love, life and hope. People also fell in love, had hoped to return, life continued”.

To add to digital archive of “Letters of Victory” letter, it is necessary to photograph or scan, upload to the website and fill out a form

On this website you can find the letters of their relatives did not reach the addressee. They can be stored in the archives of museums or collectors. One has only to make a string search on the website name, patronymic and surname, and all possible information about a person is available.

to participate in filling the archive can be anyone. Need to photograph or scan your letter, upload it to the website and complete the questionnaire.

Photo: Vladimir Loginovich/RIA Novosti As Siberian complied with the request of Georgy Zhukov during the battle of Moscow

If the digitization of difficulties, especially the elderly, the letter can bring in any “My documents”. MFC transmit all the relics of glavarkhiv in Moscow, which collaborates with the creators project. In the end, the letters will still be on the website.

to attract attention to the project and to allow these lines resound live votes, attracted famous people. On the website you can see as letters are read by actors Vladimir Menshov, Sergey Shakurov, Yulia Rutberg and others. “Letters of Victory with Maxim Vitorgan” – documentary series on YouTube. In each series leading together other media guest goes around the memorial places of war. In the framework of the scenario – real letters from the front. In the shootings took part Sergey Burunov, Garik Sukachev, Svetlana Surganova, Nikolay Valuev, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Nikolai Fomenko. Each of them is your family history related to the war. If, for example, in the Baltic States found the grave of a relative of the actress Lyubov Tolkalina. Before tens of years, the search did not give result. Soon will be broadcast several concerts “Songs of Victory”, where hits of the war years sing in the style of famous musicians. May 9 – 75th anniversary of the Victory – the creators of the project “Letters of Victory” is preparing a surprise for all concerned in this memorable date people.

In the project can participate each.