Banks ask the Central Bank to re-start the program of refinancing of secured mortgage loans under the military mortgage. Through this mechanism they can get the extra few tens of billions of rubles. According to experts, number of banks during the crisis may face a liquidity shortage, and they may not have standard types of collateral. At the same time, this mechanism will become a separate source of funding for military mortgage.National financial Association (NFA) sent to Bank of Russia letter (read it “b”), asking to consider the resumption of the mechanism of refinancing of credit institutions under Deposit bonds issued under the program “Military mortgage”. With this proposal the Association has been approached by several banks.The pilot programme was implemented in early 2015, the Central Bank in conjunction with the NFA and the seller (now JSC “House.Of the Russian Federation”). Then the program was associated with an increase in the key rate of the Central Bank and the high cost of resources, leading to more expensive loans, explains the Director of Department of retail crediting of PSB Andrey Turned.According to the President of NFA Vasily Zablotsky, after the normalization of the liquidity mechanism has not been implemented in full scale. “In the current situation, banks had already accumulated enough credits for military mortgages, which could participate in the program of refinancing of the Central Bank, so, banks to gain additional income, which may ultimately impact on the reduction of interest rates on mortgage loans for clients”,— says head of the Association. According to the NFA, we can go about refinancing the mortgages on several dozen billion rubles. The Association has developed a standard for evaluating a pool of mortgages. According to the “Roveniemi”, to date, issued approximately 240 million loans to more than 450 billion rubles. One of the initiators of the resumption of the program was “Zenith”, reports “Kommersant” the Chairman of the Board of Bank Dmitry Yurin. According to him, the motive is to “to offer more favorable credit terms for customers.” “This money under reasonably good conditions — the refinancing rate of the Central Bank”,— adds the head of Absolut Bank Tatiana Ushkov. According to her, since the procedure of use is related to processing mortgage loans, it is quite long, and it makes sense to hold a preparatory stage now to be able to use the tool in the future. “This mechanism may be a separate source of funding for military mortgage, given the social importance of this program,” said Mr. Chiseled. The Central Bank did not respond to a request “b”.The idea of banks support and “Rosvoenipoteka”, said the head of the organization Konstantin Yaroslavtsev: “It will make even more attractive the participation of banks in lending voennosluzhASIC, and will allow them to obtain additional liquidity”. These loans are highly reliable, and 2018 are issued according to uniform standards to facilitate the assessment of a pool of mortgages and make the mortgage more attractive, said Mr. Yaroslavtsev.In April, Bank liquidity declined by 0.9 trillion to 1.4 trillion, according to data of the Central Bank. According to the chief economist “PF Capital” Evgeny Nadorshin, “the surplus is still impressive”, but liquidity is not evenly distributed. Individual banks may not have enough collateral standard ensure to provide — if not current, future requirements of liquidity, he adds. The independent expert on mortgage lending, Sergey gordeno notes that the tool of refinancing of secured mortgage loans under the military mortgage is important for banks experiencing temporary problems with the capital, whose assets are a significant amount of the relevant portfolio. In his opinion, the regulator should make this a permanent tool.Olga Serenkova, Polina Smorodskaya