the National project “Housing and the urban environment”, has reminded Mutko, provides a reduction in 2024 mortgage rates to below 8%. The spread of coronavirus has had a negative impact on the economy, he said, demand for mortgages in April fell by 15-20%. However, the subsidy program mortgage rates for new buildings should make a difference.

“We as the operator of the program launched the entire infrastructure, and banks received 120,8 thousand applications. Issued by 22,8 thousand credits for 57.5 billion rubles. I think that by the end of the year it is possible to achieve the targets of the national project to reduce rates on mortgages ahead of schedule,” – said Mutko. Contribute to this and previously launched mortgage programs with state participation, such as “Family mortgage”, “the far Eastern mortgage,” debt forgiveness on mortgages to families in which there is a third and subsequent children.

Mutko Also said that in 2016 the HOUSE.Russia is developing a market for mortgage-backed securities program running odnomarshevoy securitization of mortgage loans guaranteed by the company. The goal is to provide the mortgage market long-term resources in the 7 trillion rubles to 20 trillion rubles in mortgage loans, which will be issued by 2024.

“the Mechanism in demand by large and medium banks regional banks sold 18 deals to 552 billion rubles, concluded agreements more than 1 trillion RUB Together with the Ministry of Finance of Russia has prepared a draft roadmap for the development of the mortgage and a further reduction in rates based on standardization and cost reduction. In General, it is expected that by the end of 2020 will be able to reach the target level of interest rates of the national project, not only through benefit programs and reduce interest rates on market products,” – said the General Director of the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation.