in The Swiss mortgage market is in a trend. For the second month in a row, the benchmark interest rates rise for fixed-rate mortgages.

the mortgage interest knew in the first half of 2019 only one direction: downwards.

at the end of August the mortgage interest rates historically low-marked stands. According to the comparison service money land five year cost an average of 0.92 percent, ten-year-old is still 1.01 per cent per year.

Since then, the cost for residential property to rise. Term Of 5 Years, 0.96%. Term Of 10 Years: 1.2 Per Cent. These are the respective average values of the money of the country observed provider.

“the market observers, among other things, a possible relaxation in the case of trade conflicts, for the slightly rising interest rates,” said Felix Oeschger, an Analyst at money land. This means that the company to believe in a better running economy, and are increasingly looking for loans. The interest rates to rise slightly.

provider necessarily

“compare The mortgage interest rates of the different providers differ to such an extent that a party is important,” says Oeschger.

Because The interest rate differential between the cheapest and the most expensive mortgage interest rate offer has increased since the beginning of the year. Although only slightly, however, mortgage borrowers in five-year fixed mortgage is more than twice as much pay as the cheapest.

The indicative rates for ten-year fixed-rate mortgages are between the cheapest provider (0,75%) and the most expensive (by 1.4%) is slightly less than the five-year-olds.

According to the expert, Oeschger, the choice of Providers is more critical than the “optimal” time to take a mortgage. (uro)