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In march put Morten Støen them in the car. After a lung transplantation in 2016 he was an extra subject if he should be suffering from koronaviruset.

because of The lower smittefare, he went to the cabin, say in the City council. Usually cage him in Ski outside Oslo.

Fjordenes official Journal referred to in the suit first.

Received first will be at the cottage

a Few days later was hytteforbodet to the government a fact.

to ensure that he had her on the dry contact Støen and the municipality and the police. They understood the situation his, and he gave the law to be, despite forbodet.

But then turned the police, and in the week of easter, had the couple Støen drive home again to avoid punishment.

I think it is bedrøveleg, but it will get I done nothing with.

Støen calls for more smidigheit in the law, so that people with reduced immune system can opphalde on places with less smittefare than in heimkommunen.

INFECTION-SUBJECT: Morten Støen went through a lung transplantation in 2016.

Photo: Private mayor t. søviknes: – Think sin in him

– We did a joint assessment that we are not able to see the reasons, neither beredskapsmessing or smittervernmessing, that he should be asked to leave the cabin and travel from the municipality, ” says City-appointed interim mayor Alfred Bjørlo.

– the act is fairly square in nature, so I do understand that the police ultimately had to make the appreciation they did. In the middle of everything in sight I pity the person this came out of, but I think he has an understanding of that it is having to be so strict.

CONTENT: the City-appointed interim mayor Alfred Bjørlo (V) understands that the police have to decide the way they did, but he seems to also sin in Støen.

Photo: Private

Bjørlo is glad that the violations part of the praise is down for the quarter.

– Støen will come back after that hytteforbodet is on, he is welcome to it.

Not a written decision of the

Tormod Hvattum in the police in It says it is not low lead any written decision that Støen was be kept in Place after hytteforbodet was in place.

And I was fully aware that it is not found any dispensasjonsmoglegheit in forskrifta. It was an oral question, and he was answered that it would not be handheva facing him – in the particular situation he was in, ” says Hvattum to NRK.

– This was perfect in the start after that forskrifta about stay at fritidseigedomar came. So in the course of the week of easter brought the message that he still was at the cottage, and that he had also been close to the family at the cottage.

A politijurist took and the opinion that Støen could not be kept, nor had it been established as a cause.

Will return

Morten Støen, is now at home in Austlandet. He is healthy and keep away from smittefare as best he can.

When hytteforbodet is out of the way, he quickly back at the cottage in the City.

I’m travelling up as fast as I can.

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