Mortal geography: it became known about the first victims of the

Moscow, February 4 – “News.Economy” In total, the epidemic has claimed the lives of 429 people. However, with the exception of four victims, all the victims are residents of mainland China.


on the Morning of 4 February, the Hong Kong authorities reported the first deaths from a new type of coronavirus. According to TV channel TVB, died 39-year-old man, previously found in treatment. It is known that in January he visited Wuhan.

the TV station reports that the victim of the coronavirus fell ill 8 days after returning from the epicenter of the epidemic and appealed for help to doctors, who diagnosed him with pneumonia caused by a coronavirus new type 2019-nCoV. The man was hospitalized. In addition, the virus diagnosed his mother, who was also hospitalized.

After just a few hours South China Morning Post reported about two victims of the coronavirus in Hong Kong. According to the information portal both the deceased were elderly, older than 60 years. The Ministry of health of Hong Kong said that these people had not visited mainland China in the last few months and had no contact with those who have made such trips.

all in All, Hong Kong identified 17 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus. In addition, 159 people are being monitored. As mentioned earlier ∎Lead. Economics∎ in order to prevent the spread of the virus raging in mainland China, the Hong Kong authorities on 29 January suspended high speed trains ∎mainland∎ halved the number of flights to the mainland, and abolished the individual travel permit for tourists from the mainland.

Recorded in Hong Kong deaths have increased the number of victims outside mainland China to 4. The first death from ∎Wuhan pneumonia∎ was recorded in the Philippines, where the day before he died 44-year-old resident of Wuhan.

In total, the victims of the new virus as of 4 February were 429 people. The number of infected people in mainland China reached 20467 people. Only in the world of recorded 20676 infections.

Text: To.Economy