former Federal councillor Moritz Leuenberger (72) was pissed. The entry about him councillors in the current edition of the Federal Council lexicon, a thick reference book about all of the previous Federal government and the Federal councillors, it is full of errors.

He threatened with the Pulping of the edition

The most annoying: The author of the entry, the former “NZZ on Sunday”-chief editor Felix E. Müller (68), made from Leuenbergers private life is a mess. From his second wife, Gret Loewensberg was the first, he also described this as a former local councillor, she never was. In addition, the Name of the first wife was written “cross wrong,” was upset Leuenberger. He threatened to leave the entire edition of some son of a bitch.

it now, however. The old Federal Council has agreed with the publisher NZZ Libro on a cheaper variant to the settlement of lexicon-Knatsches. All expenditure must be accompanied by a Deposit sheet with the corrections to the Leuenberger’s contribution to beige. It was better for the climate, said the former Minister of the environment, to dry for the “Aargauer Zeitung”.

the lawyer called media houses

Leuenberger for the settlement of lexicon-Knatsches on even a law firm. This flapping these days in several Swiss media houses, even in the case of VIEWS, a Letter of. In the letter Leuenbergers attorney Kurt Meier asks to correct the Leuenberg entry. Otherwise there is a risk that due to the wrong entry, article about Leuenberger would be published, which might violate his personality rights.

Specifically, attorney Meier asks in a polite written Letter to the Corrigendum “between pages 638 and 639 of the lexicon” insert and to confirm this to him.

publisher needs to be part of the cost

not to wear “We know, unfortunately, how many books are already in circulation and, above all, who has acquired”, says Meier, on demand, from VIEWS. For this reason, I can only write to those of whom it is assumed that you have the reference – namely, the media houses.

The dictionary is on the shelves of libraries and state offices. The cost for Sending the corrections of this must take, according to Meier, the publisher. The spat is likely to have cost Leuenberger a lot – in addition to the fee for the lawyer, especially nerve.

PS: Also LOOK, of course it is a concern that our old Federal Council shall circulate any false info. Those interested can download the Corrigendum as a PDF here.