Italy is a “Lift team” that travels between the A – and B-group up and down. In the last ten years, the “Azzurri are” five times, and again ascended. A year ago, more than curious: Ambris Diego Kostner scored for Italy against Slovenia to happiness is to say to return in the A-group, because the initial from C to B ascended the British won in the closing seconds actually against Kazakhstan. And the favorite Slovenians and Kazakhs looked in the tube.

On their today’s world Cup opener against Switzerland, the three mercenaries in our leagues – Lugano Giovanni Morini (24), Ambris Diego Kostner (26) and Oltens Luca Zanatta (27). They meet for the first time at their second home. In their last A-WMs 2014 and 2017, Switzerland was not a group of enemies.

“This is an emotional game,” mutmasst Kostner, “maybe with Derby character.” Morini means this duel a lot, he hits on team mates (Bertaggia, Spoon). “I also hear both anthems. Sing along, I can be Italian and not only,” says the Lugano striker.

objective: to League grip

illusions, none of the Italians. The four world Cup matches in the world group, won in the new Millennium, all of the Swiss: 3:0 in Mannheim, 2010, 2:1 in Moscow, 2007, 3:1 in Riga in 2006, and 8:1 in Hannover in 2001. The last victory for the “Azzurri” back is 24 years Since they won 3:2 against our Nati in Gävle.

As a geek, the Italians have only one goal in mind: the League. “With this aim, one goes to the world Cup with a different setting,” explains Morini, “for us, that is another pressure.” Kostner explains: “We have no pressure to play against big opponents and win. But you have to win against us.” This Underdog-role helping might, can the League stop. That would be the greatest success.

“is Given to us on the way there, but nothing,” Olten defender Zanatta sure. Also, today’s favorite Swiss. “To win against Switzerland, needed a Pact with the devil,” says Morini.