Morgue for victims COVID 19 in new York caught on video

Created for victims of coronavirus morgue truck in new York was on video. The footage was published, the Agency Ruptly Youtube.

A makeshift morgue out of ten trucks refrigerated placed in the most populated area of the city — Brooklyn. It will be used temporarily for the storage of dead bodies from COVID-19 due to the large loads on the permanent morgue.

For the first time in new York trucks for removal of bodies died from pneumonia COVID-19 appeared at the end of March. Officials then suggested that the situation might deteriorate, and the construction of additional morgues is not enough. The last time such measures were taken after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

According to the Institute for Johns Hopkins in the US were more than 869 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus new. Related reasons it killed more than 50 thousand people.