After the surprising return of Toni Brunner (44) as the election campaign chief in St. Gallen is back just at Easter the next heavy weight of the SVP in the Ring. Sunday view white: Christoph Mörgeli, the election to the national Council missed 2015 the again, would like to move in in the fall and again in the great chamber.

“Yes, I have applied this week to a seat on the national Council’s list,” confirms Mörgeli. At the beginning of the week, today’s “world week”,-the Journalist told his ambitions in a letter to the SVP of the Canton of Zurich.

course is not the green election winner match

the shape of the party led To his decision to try again with him. “My decision to back the candidacy is closely linked to the poor performance of the Zurich SVP on the occasion of the last member of the Parliament elections.” For the party it was of “vital importance”, their course is not the green election winner. The SVP had to “fight for our independence, welfare, and freedom of non-perishable policy with all means available”.

Mörgeli more: “allow me, in my political experience, my loyalty, my fighting spirit and my ways of expression possibilities in speech and writing.” At the same time it health, professional and political setbacks have made “undoubtedly, wisely, more fully and worldly-wise”.

conflict with the University of Zurich

An important reason for Mörgelis dismissal four years ago, the work was a conflict with the University of Zurich. In his letter to the scal rigidity and Professor emphasized, the administrative court of the Canton have found “unfortunately, shortly after the elections,” that the University will have him “terminated after almost 28 years of activity in the form of a formal and material sense, unlawful”. The termination due to poor performance had been “a breach of trust to be counted”. 59 doctor, you have your examined, no one had to give back his doctor title.

to send Whether the SVP-voters are willing to Mörgeli, once again, to the Federal house? First of all he must take in every case, intra-party hurdles. 21. In may, the Executive Board of the cantonal SVP advises for the list of candidates, a week later, the decisive Assembly of delegates.

Mörgeli promises to be an active election campaign

Sure is: Not all in the party are likely to welcome this additional competition. From today’s point of view is more than questionable whether the SVP can keep all of the previous twelve mandates. No wonder, the nervousness among the national councils of large.

but There are also personalities in the party, for re-candidacy of Mörgeli. Barbara Kluge (59), member of the cantonal party’s Executive Board: “Christoph Mörgeli has worked tirelessly, even after his deselection for the party. Someone with so much political experience belongs to Bern.”

In the Letter promises the longtime program Director of the SVP to lead an “active campaign”. Who Mörgeli knows, knows: This is quite understand as a threat.

This word game could not resist Pascal Couchepin: “I Almost said doctor Mörgele, of course, I mean Mengele.” Expressed by the then Federal President Couchepin had the taste on 1. February 2008 at the meeting of the national Council’s science Commission. The panel advised at the time of the constitutional article on research on humans. The medical historian and SVP-Nationalrat Christoph Mörgeli was a member of the Commission, and Josef Mengele had murdered during the third Reich as an SS doctor in the concentration camp of Auschwitz of thousands of people.

The Mengele-Mörgele comparison interested in only a historian, but a historian is the Episode wrong. In the revision of the Urs Altermatt, “the Federal Council lexicon” is the story of Pierre Ducrey the incident as Couchepin was merely a slip of the tongue. This Mörgeli had in 2008 made audio recordings of the Commission meeting open to the public. It was clear that Couchepin had made the joke with the intention and for the amusement of many present.