more than two thousand students of a Moscow medical schools started to work in hospitals where patients are treated with COVID-19. Most of them chose not just paid work placement and employment. For them, provided the same conditions of work and rest, as already working for Moscow doctors. Students will receive the appropriate city and Federal payments.

235 students took the posts of Junior medical staff. Their salary is 115 thousand rubles. Still 1140 students work under the agreement in hospitals as nurses. Given allowances for the work with coronavirus patients they receive 175 thousand rubles. 670 students have signed contracts to practice, their salary is 70 thousand rubles. Practice involves the short shift. Every day students will need to work out six hours. The duration of the practice depends on the institution. In normal conditions it is compulsory and unpaid.

To date, the medical students work more than 20 city hospitals: the research Institute of emergency care named after N. In. Sklifosovsky, the Morozov hospital, hospital No. 15 named after O. M. Filatov, hospital No. 52, medical centre in Kommunarka, the hospital № 67 named after L. A. Vorohoba and others. In addition, each health organization identified the head of the line, which will provide young professionals with advice. This employee is responsible for the safety of students and supervises the execution of work. All students also provide the necessary personal protective equipment.