three thousand beds of the Moscow hospitals that were used for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, again pereprofilirovanie. Thus, more than half of hospital beds in Moscow will return to normal operation. Reported by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Moscow Mayor for social development.

To comply with epidemiological standards in accordance with the temporary standard of the beds in the wards will be placed at an increased distance from each other. In buildings provided with additional ventilation and air disinfection. Admission to hospital will be through a separate entrance with an interval between patients for at least 15 minutes and disinfection.

Patients also be tested for the coronavirus. While waiting for results, they are placed in separate wards in compliance with all requirements of sanitary-epidemiological security. To the planned treatment, the doctors proceed only after receiving negative test results COVID-19.

This standard will be followed in all hospitals, who will return to the usual mode of operation.

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