More than a thousand people cured in the UAE coronavirus

DOHA, April 15 – RIA Novosti. More than a thousand people cured in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the coronavirus, the number of infected in the country during the day, broke the record of illness of 432, reported Wednesday the Ministry of health and prevention of the United Arab Emirates.

“Was 432 new cases of coronavirus among people of different nationalities, they are under the necessary medical supervision. The total number of cases in the UAE since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19 amounted to 5365 people. Cured of the disease 1034 people”, – stated in the message of Ministry of health UAE on Twitter.

the Ministry noted that from complications caused by a coronavirus, had died five people, the total number of victims of this disease in the UAE rose to 3325 people.

Earlier in the city-the Emirate of Dubai has introduced 24-hour ban on the movement of its residents can leave their homes only by special permits, which are issued for visits to pharmacies or grocery stores. In the capital Abu Dhabi foreign workers were not allowed to go outside and to leave their areas of residence.

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