For the long-awaited step, the U.S. company gave a price range of between 44 and 50 dollars per share.

for this price, the securities are sold to investors. Uber wants to dispose of first, seem to only be a small part of his share, in total it comes to around 10 billion dollars. The stock exchange debut in New York is expected at the beginning of may. It is the largest stock exchange would be the gang since 2014, as the Chinese Amazon-rival Alibaba collected $ 25 billion.

established in 2009, The Startup has made in many regions of the world, the taxi industry on its head and changed the way people are mobile on-the-go: It provides Rides through an App. Most recently, Uber was one of according to information 91 million customers per month.

Uber-Chef made again and again in the headlines

The company earned in the intermediation fees that are due when a driver receives an order via the Online platform. The group is also investing heavily in new business fields such as Autonomous Driving, the delivery of food, electric bicycles and scooters, as well as cargo offers.

Under the company’s founder and longstanding CEO, Travis Kalanick, Uber had stood again and again in the headlines, the allegations ranged from sexual abuse to Theft to bribery. Those days are gone but, since 2017 Dara Khosrowshahi from the Online travel provider Expedia, Uber, and the Chairman took over.

He established a new culture, but still has no answer to Autonomous Driving, which could threaten Uber’s business model, because it makes the driver needlessly. Uber itself is active in this area, but competition with companies like Tesla, Google, a subsidiary of Waymo and the traditional car manufacturers is very large, and predominantly financial.

May never be in the black

for particularly competitive regions, has pulled Uber back last. The big rivals in the case of the driving services are Didi in China, and Ola in India, and Lyft in the United States. Whether Uber will post the gains.

recently, the group itself had declared, in the face of significantly rising costs, it’ll probably never be in the black. In the balance sheet for 2018, a loss of approximately $ 1.8 billion, after 2.2 billion in the previous year. Sales rose in 2018, 42 percent to 11.3 billion dollars. In 2017, the Plus had amounted to 106 percent.

Uber announced on Friday an Overview of the expected financial figures for the first quarter of 2019. Therefore, will be incurred in this period, a loss of around a billion and a turnover of approximately three billion dollars. In addition, it was said, the payment service Paypal to get in with Uber and invest in $ 500 million.


become a a few months Ago had shown About are even more optimistic about his market value, and $ 120 billion estimates. In the meantime, one is cautious, not least because of the fall in the Price for the smaller rival Lyft, according to its IPO in March.

Lyft had placed its stock for $ 72 per piece, which assessed the company with $ 24 billion. On the first day of trading scho, the papers shoot up to 88.60 dollars in the amount, in the meantime, but they cost around 56 dollars.