the Amount recovered from the new coronavirus infection in the army and Navy constantly increasing. And this trend will continue since the beginning of may.

According to the defense Ministry on August 2, which are published in a special Bulletin on the official website, only for the last day in the Armed forces after the treatment recovered 98 soldiers. And the total number of people who got rid of a dangerous virus infection, for the past four months in the army and Navy has exceeded 9 thousand 100 people.

in addition, more than 29 700 thousand representatives of the Armed forces exposed to infected Covid-19, after the mandatory two-week quarantine control and was removed from medical supervision.

today is a little more than a thousand soldiers who have test results for coronavirus was positive, are under control of doctors. 847 patients lie in the military hospitals. 25 isolated post. Ten are in civilian hospitals and clinics. And less than two hundred people in home isolation. These numbers change daily. And they confirm an important trend: the disease in the army is declining. Moreover, the absolute majority of infected members of the Armed forces disease coronavirus is asymptomatic.

the Bulletin notes that multidisciplinary centres built by the Ministry of defence in 15 regions of the country, medical care is provided to more than 3 340 patients, almost 550 of them – civilians. They all get the help they need.