On 8. May at 19:30 PM come to the virtual game against the “Invisible enemies,” announced the club. Until then, as many as possible of imaginary Tickets will be sold to support the club in the difficult times of the Coronavirus and close the resulting financial gap. The goal is new viewers records.

This is the regional League this week in a most impressive manner. On Thursday morning, Lok Leipzig had already sold 68.605 cards (Stand: 26.03, 13:05 PM) to one Euro and, therefore, the real attendance record powdered.

Lok Leipzig: all-time record of 120,000 spectators as the destination

The “real” record in the Bruno-Plache-Stadion dates back to the year 1955. At the time, 55,000 spectators watched the match between SC Rotation Leipzig and Bayern Munich in Leipzig. Today, the home holds a place of Lok Leipzig game by the way, only 10.900 places. Thus, the club has sold out the stadium in its current Form already more than six times completely.

But that was the first beginning of. The aim of the campaign was to break the all-time attendance record of the club. Incredible 120,000 Fans watched the European Cup match against Girondins Bordeaux in 1987 in the former Leipzig’s Central stadium.

Fortuna Köln: supporters-Tickets asked

in Cologne, a regional League with a similar action, and tries quite successfully. Fortuna Köln sold online also Tickets for a virtual game, the financial losses to compensate for.

The action is according to managing Director Benjamin Bruns so far, a success. Nearly 1,000 cards for the price of ten, 19,48, or 100 Euro, sold the Cologne südstadt club so far. In Fortuna you can count on Cologne to prominent support.

Already in the Fortuna boat are, among other things, an actress, Annette Frier, Fööss-veteran Hartmut Priess, Südstadt-pastor Hans Mörtter, author Frank Schätzing and his wife Sabina, and singer Björn Heuser. (cho)

Several Bundesliga Stars in the summer stay – or cheaper way to FOCUS Online/Wochit Several Bundesliga Stars in the summer stay – or cheaper way

*The contribution of “more Than 68,000 Tickets sold! The regional tier provides virtual spectator record on” will be released by the Cologne Express. Contact with the executives here.

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