More than 400 students became winners of competition

now they are well guided in all that is happening in the economy, and over time, it can occupy the posts of Ministers of the economic block in the government. At least economic stability and stagnation, as President, they clearly delineate.

Photo: <a href=Moscow Institute of physics and technology (national research University) on” title=”Photo: Moscow Institute of physics and technology (national research University) about” srcset=” 1920w”> Russian school students took the “gold” international mathematical Olympiad

– I believe that stability means stable economic growth and stagnation – no, – explained Alexey Andrianov from Moscow Golitsyn. – Because I’m his beliefs neoinstitutionalist, I believe that now in Russia for the future prosperity you must first establish the work of economic institutions. With the resources and the investment climate have, of course, everything will be fine, but it is very important to debug the mechanisms for the protection of private property. Then about stagnation and even stability will be forgotten – there will come a confident and long-term growth.

– after All, stability in the economy is saving more or less good situation, and stagnation – this is a regression, says the lady Elizabeth Vishnevskogo. – Small business ennobles the economy, and I would now have sent more resources to the development of private business, especially small, private businesses. If you provide such market participants with access to discounted loans, we will cope with any difficulties.

– I would put all my energy into the development of industry and light and heavy – featurAET Muscovite Aslan hubiev. – Issued by wisely investing will ensure the growth of the economy in which neither the stability, if we understand by the term sustainable development nor the stagnation, that is deterioration or a lack of growth, our economy is not threatened. Only reaching new heights and milestones.

For the victory in the Olympiad fought the students from 84 regions

Awards that are intended to winners of the contest “Mission possible” can be life-changing for young people: this is a serious advantage when applying to universities. So, in the list of Olympiads for schoolchildren for the 2019/2020 academic year includes four Olympic “Mission possible” – in Economics, social studies, mathematics and history. If the leaders of these contests will confirm your knowledge on the exam by earning at least 75 points in the subject, then they are out of the competition will be in the universities that they like.

Photo: iStock More than 12 thousand students chose family education

the Olympiad in Informatics in the list are not included, but the winners get the opportunity to study at the financial University, and the winners earn a discount of half the cost of training. Helps with the arrival of not only a victory, but participation: students who were prepared enough to get to the final stage of the Olympiads, when you receive get 5 points to the exam results, and participants of the qualifying stage – 2 points. This preference is useful for school students. And the younger guys who win at the Olympics newpussy classes directly without passing the selection will be able to participate in the final stage of the Olympiad the following year. Winners and prize-winners of competition “Mission possible”, who are students, are eligible for a presidential grant – 20 000 rubles a month for the duration of study in bachelor degree. And partneR “the Mission” Bank “VTB” – is ready to accept them for training.

Our University is young, just 101 years and I am very happy that you will become our students, – said at the ceremony the rector of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Eskindarov. At least, I would really like to see you becoming a winner of our Olympics, it came to us – we spent a lot of mental effort to choose the best of the best.