More than 30 museums from around the world have organized an online exhibition of Frida Kahlo

the Exhibition titled “Faces of Frida” brought together more than 200 of her works and paintings by other artists, which depicts herself Frida.

the creators of the show asked to consider carefully each picture, to look into every detail and try to grasp the hidden meaning. Special attention is given to the “rich symbolism” of portraits and still lifes created in the period from 1951 to 1954.

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the exhibition also presents the letters of Frida Kahlo, and quotes from her interviews, speeches, diaries. Complete the jigsaw puzzle called “Frida Kahlo,” her clothes, photos and drawings of the places where she lived, the memories of those who knew her.

the myth of the “Frida Kahlo” terrible and beautiful at the same time, but the reality strikes much stronger. This exhibition is an attempt to show the real Frida. She told me all about himself on his pictures, hiding nothing, we just need to see this and try to understand.

On the creation of this impressive in its versatility and multiple exposure worked the major museums and archives of Mexico, USA, UK, Colombia and Japan.