More than 20 of the apartments found at the Deputy chief of traffic police of the Voronezh region


the Deputy chief of management of traffic police want to take 22 flats worth 50 million rubles, the press service of the Prosecutor of the Voronezh region.

the statement of Claim presented to it the Prosecutor of the region. It is clarified that in respect of the property no evidence of its acquisition on legitimate income. This means that it is subject to appeal to the revenue of the Federation.

according to the Prosecutor’s office, according to the control of expenses, the parents of the defendant are transferees for the transactions in respect of 31 listings. They cost more than 63 million rubles. The Ministry added that the income of the parents of the Deputy chief of management of traffic police is insufficient for such purchases.

in addition, he participated in the conclusion of seven of these transactions totaling $ 23 million 300 thousand rubles on the basis of notarial powers of attorney executed on behalf of his mother. It is including signing contracts on acquisition of real estate.

In November 2019, the Metropolitan court granted the petition of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation about seizure of state income property and money to the family and entourage of the former head of the Department “K” of the economic security service of FSB Cyril Cherkalin. He is accused of receiving bribes in tens of millions of rubles. Announced by the decree, the value of the assets (apartments, cars, land, watches, cash) is more than 6 billion rubles.

Parents of Cherkalin told that their son is substantiated by storing in their apartment more than $ 50 million to business need. The mother of the Colonel stressed that he did not know what kind of property was left by the son. According to her, she didn’t mind, since they are “one family”. The Prosecutor said that during the search in the apartment of the parents of Colonel seized $ 50 million, 1 million euros and 15 million rubles.

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