More than 170 works of the king of pop art Andy Warhol show at the New Tretyakov gallery

the Exhibition “Andy Warhol” even in the announcement is impressive in its scope: the area over 2500 square meters, recreated the legendary “Silver factory” and the best paintings, drawings and serial works of the pioneer of pop art, collected in one place.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/ WG the Hermitage opened an exhibition of unique sculptures Klodt

the Visitors promise to show the full portfolio “Marilyn”, “Banks soup Campbell”, “Flowers”, “Mao” and “Ten portraits of Jews of the twentieth century”, “Ladies and gentlemen”, “Camouflage”, “Endangered species”, “Cowboys and Indians” and many others. Is the space available to them “Double portrait”, “electric chair”, “Skull”, “Vesuvius” and even the portraits of Lenin.

the Special pride of organizers recreated the Silver factory. The art Studio Warhol, where he has worked since 1962, literally had all painted silver paint, starting from the Elevator, fire alarm and ending with a bottle of “Coca-Cola”. Here gathered all the new York elite to plunge into the abyss of absolute freedom.

Silver color or the color of the manifestation of narcissism, as the artist, became the main dominant feature and its popular installation “Silver clouds”, which promise to show in Moscow.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG In the Pushkin Museum opened the exhibition “Tattoo”

total immersion in the creative universe of the master of outrageous, entitled “I, Andy Warhol” will provide screening of Warhol’s video works and documentaries about the artist. Special attention of the organizers focused on the collaboration of Warhol with labels and music groups, towho are The Rolling Stones and The Velvet Underground. Also, you can leaf through fashion magazines American – Vogue, Glamour and Harper’s Bazaar, in which Warhol worked as an Illustrator, and admire the collection of original Interview magazine, the American version which Warhol founded in 1969.

in Addition to the work of the master of pop art, the exhibition will feature the work of photographers from his circle: Fred McGarry, Gerard tannia grown and Christopher Makos.

the Curator of the exhibition was a specialist in American art, Gianni Mercurio.

For visitors to arrange tours, lectures and educational workshops.