More than 145 thousand people per month were tested for the coronavirus in Moscow

We have been gradually expanding capacity to spend in Moscow more tests for coronavirus. Now conducting research at two Federal laboratories of Rospotrebnadzor, and 9 urban. Gradually began to join and private companies. Now for the medical institutions of the city analyses performed by the laboratory “Hemotest”, we also signed an agreement with the laboratory “Litech”. Just last month in Moscow was made more than 200 thousand tests for more than 145 thousand people. she said.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Skvortsova has told, when will the recession coronavirus in Russia

Anastasia Rakova said that mandatory take the analysis to those who live with a patient with confirmed diagnosis of “coronavirus infection”. Also test be performed in patients with pneumonia and their families. Testing for coronavirus shall be citizens of the risk groups – the elderly over 65 and people with chronic illnesses, provided that they have the symptoms of SARS.

According to the decision of a doctor analysis of coronavirus can be taken from all citizens in the manifestation of SARS.