After the debate about salaries at ARD, the focus is now on Deutschlandfunk, also a public broadcaster and GEZ-financed. An internal list shows: Here, too, the bosses and ex-bosses collect a lot of money.

Deutschlandfunk paid a total of 738,000 euros for six former directors and their surviving dependents last year. This is reported by “”, citing an internal list that the newspaper has. On average, it is 10,250 euros per month.

Concrete example: The former DLF program director Andreas-Peter Weber, who left in 2021, received 575,000 euros that year, according to “Bild”.

But the salary of the current top is also high: DLF director Stefan Raue receives 264,000 euros and administrative director Rainer Kampmann 220,000 euros. Jona Teichmann, new DFL program director, receives 165,000 euros.

According to “Bild”, the DLF has formed reserves of 2.04 million euros – just to finance Raue’s future pension.

The Federal Ministry of Labor wants to permanently increase the additional income limits for pensioners from 2023. According to the current status, this means that everyone can earn an additional 46,060 euros without their pension being reduced. What you have to pay attention to.

The social association VdK has urged the federal government not to forget pensioners in their plans to relieve the burden. “With every week that nothing happens, this anger grows,” says the association.