New guidelines to make it easier to refer healthcare workers with mild symptoms to the test.

There will come more and more coronasmittede among staff in the health and care sector. In addition, it will as more are tested, also show that several are already infected with the virus.

It says the Health director, Søren Brostrøm, on Friday’s myndighedspresemøde.

– There are more and more being confirmed infected just as in the general population. Just like in people, there is a large mørketal, but because we test personnel more frequently, we would expect to see a greater presence there, he says.

It is the Danish Health and medicines authority, which has responsibility for guidance on when health care workers should be tested for the coronavirus.

Wednesday was the guidelines for the test up to date, and it means, among other things, that it is also easier to refer employees in the health and care sector with mild symptoms to the test.

It is the health authorities ‘ ambition, that can be tested by 15,000 people a day.

the trade Union FOA experiencing concerns among its members, who are at risk to carry the corona virus on. It applies mainly to members who work in aged care.

– We experience the concern among our members, that they may be infected, but also whether they carry the infection further, says Torben Hollmann, sektorformand in the FOA, at the press conference.

– We are aware that there are supply problems with protective equipment, there are also problems with the supply of the test, he says.

the Staff in health care are generally afraid of being infected with the virus, because there is a lack of protective equipment, the sounds of the press conference.

in Addition to the FOA is that the representatives of the Danish Sygeplejeråd, the medical association, the Danish Sygeplejeråd, FOA, Local government Denmark and Danish Regions.

– It can not be supposed to go to work evil in the stomach, and therefore we must do something about these things, says Grethe Christensen, who is chairman of the Danish Sygeplejeråd.