The Champions League is about to redefine itself. Instead of 32 teams, 36 teams will compete in the competition from the 2024/25 season and the group phase will be eliminated. In an interview, Oliver Kahn is enthusiastic about the reform.

No group phase from 2024: “Every product needs an overhaul at some point. What bothers me about the current format is that the group stage is usually decided relatively early and by the same clubs. That’s why further development with a league and a table is exciting,” says Bayern boss Oliver Kahn in “Kicker” about the controversial reform of the Champions League.

Short, compact, clear

Top games possible earlier: The new structure gives the format “an additional kick”, according to Kahn. “In addition, there is the possibility of exciting games between top teams right from the start. In addition, the premier class in this form is also financially more attractive,” he says. 36 teams fight against each other in eight drawn games and are listed in a table. The top 8 go directly to the round of 16, places 9 to 24 play out the remaining places before the knockout round.

FC Bayern will not leave the Bundesliga: Kahn replies to the recent speculation about the founding of a Super League: “I can say one thing: It will never happen that FC Bayern will only be in a European and no longer in the national League will play,” he says, according to “Spox”.