“older workers and people with poor health there are limitations on access to the work, – stated Olga Kulaeva. – Yes, they pay for sick leave. But soon this problem could spread to the labour market. But this category of citizens to find new work significantly harder than others.”

one of the most affected category is youth aged 18 to 29 years. According to a survey conducted by the ILO in Russia and neighboring countries, more than one in six respondents of this age who had a job in February, in April to work out.

“Not necessarily this person became unemployed: options can be very different, says Olga Kulaeva. But their revenue they might lose. And those who continued to work, announced the reduction of working time and, hence, income in the middle 20%. According to statistics, everyone who at a young age encountered such inactive periods, then suffered for a long time lost in time the skills, qualifications and competence.”

full interview with Olga Kulaeva read in one of the nearest numbers of “Russian newspaper”.