the density of The heavy traffic on the Simplon axis is particularly high, noted Christiane Varone, commander of the Valais cantonal police, on Thursday at a media orientation in the Brig. In 2018, the route 88 used car’108 load.

In addition, the Simplon route-axis is the only transalpine traffic, on the Transport of dangerous goods is allowed. Improving safety on this route was for several years a priority for the Department of safety and the cantonal police, said of the Valais state Council, Frédéric Favre.

In the last year have been carried out on the section 800 hours of heavy traffic controls, and 24 large checks in cooperation with the Federal customs administration. It turned out that a third of the verified drivers or trucks were in order.

The Canton of Valais and the Federal office for roads (Astra) have now signed an agreement to strengthen the heavy traffic controls. The goal is to reach 8000 hours heavy vehicle inspections per year. For this, in addition, four police officers and a mechanic will be hired, exclusively used for heavy traffic controls. The positions are funded by the Astra. (SDA)