doubled Because the number of deaths in agriculture in 2018 from 23 to 42 cases almost beat the inspectors of the Federal government’s Alarm. The Foundation Agriss, the takes care of on behalf of the Suva safety at work in agriculture, calls for a seat belt on tractors. The “Schweizer Bauer” writes.

This was previously only on the road but not on private property – so, for example, on the field, where the tractor is on the road mostly. However, the new provision applies only to employees and apprentices to Wear, because it is regulated in the framework of the accident insurance act. This means that most of The farmers are not affected at all, since you are self-employed.

opponent: “Already punished enough”

Nevertheless, Markus hausammann (54), farmer and SVP national councillor for the Canton of Thurgau, on the barricades: firstly, he does not understand why the Agriss the decision of the Swiss farmers Association (SBV) Mature garden. Finally, this anon dealt with the topic. Even if the Agriss was independent, we could have but to wait, at least, the opinion of the farmers.

generally he was against it: “An accident with dead and injured being punished but all those Involved enough,” he says of the “Swiss farmer” in a replica.

of Course, he was in difficult terrain, on mountain trips or during longer transport belt rides worn. However, a tractor fall over, and the consequences would fall back on a seat belt in any case also to the employer or the master, if the injured Person has the seat belt is not worn. So this would be criminalised unnecessarily.

“Must take all measures”

in Addition, you should not neglect the cost: “You have to think about the non-event. With the duty a huge upgrade action now threatens. This may be good for the industry.” With this Argument you could do without, however, in the case of cars on the seat belts and Airbags, in the case of ships on the rescue boats. In addition, there are belts for tractors from 65 francs.

In Agriss, the technical Director, Thomas Bachmann (61) defends himself: “We have, according to the accident insurance law, the task to take all measures, which are due to the experience necessary. And the experience of the many deaths in the last year, has now clearly shown that a seat belt is a necessary measure to save lives. Because only who has a seat-belt routine, is protected in case of an emergency.”