It was not long after that, and then the makeover for the national Council was made: Both Ex-Juso-Chief Tamara Funiciello (29) as well as Andri silver Schmidt (25), President of the Young liberals, a draw in December in the national Council.

The two Stars of the young politicians join the ever-growing Grüpplein of Fabian Molina (29, SP), Mike Egger (27, SVP) and Samira Marti (25 SP) are under 30 Years old, in Parliament, in the end.

Exciting this is, especially in topics such as digitization, Cannabis legalization, and climate – here are the boys with the other horizons, politicize, and will really bring a fresh Wind to the Parliament. If you always pull in the same direction, is not said. In the pension reform, such as the party affiliation connects more than the Generation.

Young in the pole position

Fresh Wind is also the Council of States, to the house: In the Western Swiss cantons of young women like Lisa Mazzone (31, Green) go from pole position in the second ballot.

And in Vermont, with Mathias Zopfi (Green), a 35-Year-old more than 20 years older than Werner Hösli (58, SVP) of the office swept. In the Valais, SP-man Mathias Reynard (32) has a good chance to switch in the small chamber.

the final Figures, but both in the National as well as in the Council of States, the average is likely to decline with age. This has less to do with a lot of very young Neo-parliamentarians, but with the retirements of many of the old “war-horses moves” as Ulrich Giezendanner (65, SVP) and Silvia Schenker (65 SP).