Apparently, you have set yourself that your sexuality at the age adopted well-behaved and quiet. Now the opposite is happening. The irritated you, you’re scared and you’re wondering where all this is leading. As a result, your desire is more and more a burden. It is more difficult to enjoy Sex at all.

it is Precisely this enjoyment, however, is important in order for Sex to be fulfilled and for a little while, sick and tired of can make. Swing things like fear, pressure, or a bad Conscience, it is perhaps to an orgasm, but the satisfaction of it fizzled out quickly, and it takes the next Kick.

Give your sexuality more space, instead of afraid to push it to the full. Let you in on a new Form of self-gratification, when you play aware of your arousal, instead of galloping. Take your body and your arousal is true. Where do you feel tension? Where Movement? Where is your attention? What are your thoughts? Try it out, see what happens when you start to play with these things, without applying pressure.

Let this observation, the arousal game flatten constantly aware of it. The more you and your sexual body, and the more attentive you are in your arousal can watch play, the more you will get to your sexuality as something to experience, the you and you actively create.

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