fear is in Switzerland. It is the fear of poverty. In the most recent worry barometer the Credit Suisse ranked it among the ten biggest Concerns of Mr and Mrs Swiss.

in the richest country In the world, one out of every five black and looks almost for himself and his children. Where might the come from?
Many leaders in business and politics, was made the people afraid. Switzerland threatens to constantly lose the connection. Always a need to increase competitiveness, costs must be reduced. Soon, the economic umbrella organisation Economiesuisse warns of a further loading of the square, soon the employers ‘ organization against the negative consequences for job security. For the Federal Council, Switzerland is immediately prior to financially hard times, he presents this forecast for years.
And because the social works is at risk of collapse, calls for UBS CEO Sergio p. Ermotti said, Up the retirement age to 72 years!

of Course, this alarmism does not pass without a trace, no wonder, we since to Worry about! And are therefore willing to tighten the belt a little tighter. Us a little more power to be devolved. To create more willingness to learn and flexibility.
This is because the Insidious thing about the fear of politics: it is, which leads ultimately to more poverty.
poverty doesn’t hit maybe every Fifth. The Weakest hits, but she is determined!
The children’s Fund, Unicef, has recently compared the family-friendliness of 31 European countries. Switzerland is a distant last place.

Because Switzerland is apparently too poor for a family-friendly structures, we need to look at the families themselves, where they remain. The middle class likes to arrange in a way. For the less Privileged, however you go, inevitably, to the Living.
A growing number of people need two or more Jobs, to their livelihood. According to the Federal statistical office, an above-average number of women between 40 and 54 years of age, mothers with no education, mostly of foreign origin affected – most of the time. You toil as a so-called cleaning women, as a so-called maid, in sales, in fast food restaurant. Their work is sought after, but poorly paid. And by the way, have to take care of these women and their children.

What does this mean for the Affected concrete to show, for example, studies on cardiovascular diseases. People in precarious work have a four Times higher risk of stroke than people in positions of leadership.
In Switzerland, a growing number of precarious workers, it is growing slowly but surely. The USA and the other Western countries without a family policy – are already a step further. The General life expectancy is reduced recently. Particularly striking is how much the death rate for white women increased between the ages of 40 and 54 years.
will die of a heart attack.