the New equipment of the Russian production will arrive in 20 health facilities 16 districts and Saransk. Modern equipment will significantly improve the quality of care for residents of the provinces: it was to go mobile first aid stations – clinics on wheels that has everything you need to diagnose and provide emergency assistance.

– the Use of mobile complexes will allow to provide primary care 245 thousand citizens of the Republic, resident in more than 1,200 towns. And in half of these villages there are no medical organizations of primary link, – said the head RM Vladimir Volkov, handing the keys to the new technology the heads of medical institutions. And the focus of the complexes will be placed on the service remote villages with population less than 100 people.

the Mobile units will travel to villages to conduct health examinations, screening tests, vaccinations, monitoring of pregnant women, newborns, patients with chronic diseases and older people. The mobile clinic is able to serve up to 50 people per day.

the Reception will be not only physicians, but also specialists. The composition of the special brigades included ophthalmologists, ENT doctors, obstetricians-gynaecologists, as needed pediatricians and surgeons, – said Vladimir Volkov. – Also, we are working on the issue to mobile rural health posts were pharmacy. This will allow the residents of remote villages to obtain a prescription and purchase the medications on the spot.

Ten new cars “ambulance” was transferred to the ambulance Station RM, Mordovian Republican clinical hospital, Zubovo-Polyanskaya, Krasnoslobodsky, Komsomol and Ruzaevskiy district hospitals. Over the past 5 years, the Republic has received more than 100 cars “ambulance”.

Vladimir Volkov thanked doctors for work in the spread of coronavirus infection. Now the Republic started to restore the volume of routine and specialized care. The hospital gradually removed from the mode davidnyc hospitals.

Until the end of 2020 in the villages of Mordovia will open 70 fixed feldsher-midwife stations and medical clinic. The complete scope of the project will receive a “Lean hospital”. Will continue to purchase medical equipment, medical ventilators, medicines, ambulances. By 2024 it is planned to upgraded primary healthcare throughout the country.

– this year we donated children’s clinic on chemical engineering, we launched a new adult clinic at Jubilee a month ago, we have embarked on an ambitious project – the construction of surgical complex at Children’s hospital in the South-West, – said the head of the RM. This hospital will be equipped with the most modern equipment, to this end, we studied the experience of leading Russian and world medical centers.

in additionOh, this year in Saransk will be commissioned a new clinic of the Oncology center and will begin upgrading its older buildings. And in Ruzayevka starts construction of children’s policlinic.