As a child, Luca Aerni (24) eifert as the Goalie of FC big his Idol Gianluigi Buffon after the long-time owner. Now, the Bernese is on the artificial turf course in Are, Sweden’s answer to Buffon to Thomas Ravelli.

The 59-Year-old has contested the 1981 and 1997 143 international matches for the Sweden national team. in 1994, the son of Austrian immigrants, with its parades, the Basis for the bronze medal of the “Tre Kronors” at the world Cup in the United States, by he blocked in the quarter-final against Romania, two from the penalty spot.
Since then, Ravelli enjoys in Sweden untouchable hero Status. are But how good his reflexes still today, some five months before his 60th birthday. Birthday? Aerni tests Sveriges eternal number 1, together with team-mate Sandro Simonet (23) in the case of a penalty shoot-out.

Each of the two shoot five penalty shots. And Ravelli is ���for sure: “even Though I’ve been a long time in the gate, I’ll keep of both of the at least two balls.”
Simonet, has qualified with a ranking of 11 in the Lauberhorn Kombi for the world Cup, opened with a shot into the lower left corner – Ravelli repels. Aerni decides also in the bottom left – the old Swede knows the corner, this time the Ball goes out but still.

on The second attempt the Ex-Rhäzüns-defender Simonet – Ravelli Aernis fends off the second shot. He clenches the fist: “bad for a nearly 60-Year-old, is it?!” Luca claps applause: “It’s amazing how you read all our shots can – you every Time the right corner.”

Ravellis large class flashes once after that – Simonet fails at the third attempt. But that remains the last success of the Sweden-warlock. the Aerni sunk four of five penalties, Simonet three. “Guys, you have impressed me with your shot technique,” says Ravelli and handed out T-Shirts and underpants from his own shipment.
Then, Ravelli claimed that his family had at the birth of a departure to legend, the hands in the game: “My grandmother was a midwife in Carinthia. On a farm in moss forest you gave birth to the later Olympic champion Franz Klammer.”

Aerni is confident

As new-born acts in a multi-title defender Luca Aerni. After many disappointments in the world Cup, the YB-Fan feels in Are. the “I have the station wagon look forward with much Confidence. The departure comes to us Slalom specialists.”

the Ravelli puts the shoulder to the Hand on Aernis and prophesied: “If you’re so good, how you shoot penalty shots, you’re going to win a medal.” Aerni thanks in Swedish: “Tack sa mycket, Thomas!”

From the 4. to 17. February 2019 in Are (Sweden) the alpine instead of the world ski Championships. Who, the Swiss are favorites? In which disciplines when? Where can you buy Tickets? And what the Swiss have brought gold medals home?