Mood: large enterprises of Kuzbass fight coronavirus

How to maintain performance of the enterprise and thus to ensure the safety of the team, you know, large industrial giants in the Kuzbass members of the holding company “Siberian Business Union”. At enterprises, employing thousands of people, taken serious measures for the prevention of viral diseases.

the War with an invisible but dangerous enemy is mine “CHernigovets” and chemical plant “Nitrogen”, as in all other enterprises on all fronts. Production cannot be stopped. In this regard, providing an increased attention to the safety of each employee. On migratory workers now meet in a special way: suggest to measure the temperature, give the mask. Such serious measures in response to the order of the Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey tsivileva on introduction of high alert mode.

At “CHernigovets” body temperature measure not only the entrance but also during the traditional pre-shift inspection. Also implemented mandatory procedures in transport departments to protect those employees who ride the bus on the way to work and home only in masks.

“Before each departure on a line, that is, morning and evening, carry out a full disinfection of buses, salons, wipe the floor and handrails. Drivers also have all the route are in masks”, — said head of the transport Department of JSC “CHernigovets” Anton Antonov.

there is No shortage of “CHernigovets” purchased sixty thousand masks. Additionally, the workshop is sewing gauze bandages — only they can be in rooms and corridors.

closely monitor compliance with the measures of hygiene in the canteens. On “Nitrogen” every hour is a ten-minute technical break — staff air space, disinfects surfaces.

"it is Very important that the company cares about us. Everywhere antiseptics. We also give mask. Feel safe” — said the mechanic on repair of cars of JSC “CHernigovets” Andrey Smirnov.

In the case of coronavirus COVID-19 know your enemy in the face — the symptoms of the disease, modes of transmission, methods of prevention. This tells the medical staff also plastered everywhere leaflets.

“we Carry out disinfection of the premises, purchased a large number of disinfectants. The premises are aired according to schedule, quartzhouse. Workers may undergo medical treatment in the health center in the physiotherapist’s office. We have machines of ultraviolet radiation, “BIOPTRON”, which also reduces the number of patients. We have a Solarium that our employees enjoy for free. It is also getting UV exposure, reducing the number of opportunities to get sick,” — said the head of the health center of JSC “CHernigovets” Tatiana Gyte.

At “CHernigovets” special attention is also given to veterans — that older people are at risk. Staff cut give them food packages, learn what there is still needs.

“Nitrogen” on the quarantine period, introduced a special regime of work of employees. Several dozen people are working remotely.

“All the 280 persons who are 60 and older, sent to remote work or on vacation — who has what the possibilities were. For what? In order to isolation this period, people lived more favorably and are in no way exposed himself to the disease. We have set up working groups of specialists, which together with the Union during the day, pass all of our facilities, watch how to make this better, to create all conditions in order to really no diseases in our companystate was not. Everyone’s mood is cheerful and energetic, we carry out the production plan, set objectives further development”, — said General Director CAO “Nitrogen” Igor Earless.

in addition, in this difficult period one of the companies of the holding company even launched a new production in Kemerovo. This reusable masks, which are now in demand not only in the Kuzbass region.