Actually, Philippe Seira is contact lens specialist: The 53-Year-old is a specialist lecturer at the University of applied Sciences FHNW and operates in Lausanne, a Studio for contact lenses. But for two weeks in the year, he focuses on the Montreux Jazz Festival. At the prestigious music event he has worked for 28 years as a driver in use.

for the First time in 1991, when Miles Davis in Montreux played and Quincy Jones in a loud outlandish projects organized. A friend of the former Student had come to this Semester summer job. The Montreux-Virus has gotten the best of him the same, and since then not released. Seira was included Co-head of the Crew, at the time, the 20 drivers and a fleet of 16 vehicles. Today, 70 riders and 40 vehicles are in use and Philippe Seira has a new task. “The Festival wanted us to set up a special place for the special requests of the artists. We call the “Performer’s Services””, said Seira.

“Nothing is impossible”, is in Montreux foreign exchange

for the 2013 late festival founder Claude Nobs, the motto was “Nothing is impossible”. This is the Motto you want to stay in Montreux not necessarily true. It is one of the reasons why the big Stars keep coming back to the jazz festival.

“If you want something from someone, give him a gift – I learned from Claude,” says Seira. “Generosity. And much more. Also Fairness. He not only cared about the Stars, but also us, the employees. After the Festival he has organized in his Chalet every year, a Party for us – because we were allowed to drink during the festival, nothing.”

in addition to reliability is discretion for the drivers is paramount. This is also true for Philippe’s new job. Some desires are no secret. For example, the helicopter that he had to be Quick for Van Morrison to organize. “Between Lausanne and Geneva airport, there were many construction sites, so the Star after a Heli requested.”

“This desire we have met,” says Seira. “Because Stars like that, he offer the highest quality and have the same expectations of us.”

iron for the Manager of Prince

Mostly, however, it is more of a modest concern, at least from a financial point of view. For example, at the Festival in 2008, as the Manager of Prince (1958-2016) wish at two in the morning via SMS, they should bring him a iron to the the airport. “Because I had to Wake my wife, to ask her,” he said. The Manager of the Superstars needed the hair straighteners is not for the wardrobe of Prince, but for his own jacket, since Prince is expected to always have a flawless appearance of its employees.

A challenge even James Brown (1933-2006), the demanded in 1993 for the treatment of his Hair on a Friday evening after a hood was. “We were able to find a in a local hairdressing salon, but she was there, mounted on the wall. We had to construct a bracket with a sun umbrella stand.” Much to the General amusement of the drivers brought the pink hood in a sedan and four-headed escort to the wardrobe of James Brown. The Funk and Soul legend was amused and excited.

But also meets the less well-known musicians to be desired. “I was once a drummer for over an hour on the road,” says Seira. “I drove up to münchenbuchsee BE, and back to drum sticks that are only there to pick up.”

Montreux and the encounters with the Stars for Philippe Seira, the best reward for his work. “I like to remember Nina Hagen. She was very nice, but their high hairstyle fit hardly into the limo. Or Leonard Cohen. To be “Merci, Monsieur” has stayed with me to this day in the ear.” Most of the 2004 late blind musician Ray Charles, whom he often accompanied, impressed him. And, as before, Festival-Eminence, Quincy Jones (86).

long Long and Herbie Hancock

priceless moments Seira also experienced with piano virtuoso Lang Lang, and jazz legend Herbie Hancock. “I had to accompany Herbie Hancock all day, and as the two of them for the concert had to practice, the second wing is still there. So the two sat down to a keyboard and played for an hour. And I was the only one who was allowed to listen to them in the process.”

Often it is the special wish about excursions in the surroundings, a boat trip on the lake, a Scooter or a visit to the Chaplin-to organize a Museum. Philippe Seira makes everything possible. And it means nothing to him, for it to be 16 days 12 to 16 hours in use. “Montreux gives me a lot of energy,” he says. And he still has a great desire: “I’m a big Fan of Peter Gabriel. I hope he comes soon to the Festival. Or Paul McCartney.”